About us : The Marketplace for Wholesalers in South Africa

We are the marketplace for wholesalers in South Africa. We can make your wholesales efforts more productive with valuable connections, useful tips, and other tools that will boost your business.

Our site is meant to extend your business opportunities in SA, where the situation is set to promote a wholesale business. We will help you to trade with manufacturers and retail stores in brand new ways. Our objective is to become the #1 Marketplace for South African Wholesalers. We have the experience, the tools, and the strategy to get there.

Our Approach to the different Stakeholders

As a wholesaler, we want to become your trusted partner. You will see us as a reference to start a trade. Our useful tips will serve to enhance your operations, promote your products, and develop a strong business.

As a manufacturer, we can be the connecting piece you need to reach an extended audience. With our wholesalers’ network you can increase your sales by extending your reach to new horizons. We can take your brand to places you have never imagined. South Africa is a vast region with millions of potential customers. We can position your brand like nobody else.

As a retail store we want to become your main source of ideas. You can look on our sites for new and innovative products. We can make the connection between you and the wholesaler that is distributing the particular product or brand you want to reach in your area. You can make up sales with your current customers just by adding new products to your current offer. Furthermore, you can stand out from the competition in your zone by getting innovative products of high quality that nobody else has. If you improve your current offer and add value to your customers, you are going to see your business grow.

Our Overall Results

If you make the math, we are the key to boost the economic development in South Africa. As we connect people and match the needs of the different stakeholders along the supply chain we can make the economy move faster than working the traditional way. The opportunities that technology bring us is to connect faster. This means that sales can increase as we can communicate in a more efficient way than we could before.
This is your opportunity to enhance your results as part of the supply chain. South Africa is at a point in which the supply chain needs to improve. The manufacturing and the service industry is growing, and that means more money is on the streets. People can buy more stuff. They just need somebody to get it close to them. The wholesale link is what needs an enhancement, and we focus our efforts on make it work better than it working is now.

Making your Wholesales Business More Efficient

But we don’t stop by just promoting your sales. As a wholesale business, there are many areas of opportunity to improve your operations. We are focused on finding the answers to the most typical issues a wholesale business has. Our team of experts can give you useful tools and advice on how to save money. That will make your distribution business more profitable than it is now.

We are open to dialogue. If there is a topic you would like us to discuss, or a tool you would like us to develop, simply get in touch with our team. We will gladly address your concerns. Remember that we want to team up with you to make your business grow.